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Hello, I am Joseph Quesada, the creator of the wood turnings in the Galleries which follow.  I have chosen the name "RusticTurnings" for my works as many of my pieces incorporate voids, cracks or other characteristics which occur naturally in the wood . By using unseasoned or " green wood" many of my turnings develop their unique individual characteristics through the movement of the wood as it dries.  Most of my turnings are from species native to North America and found in our  region of Pennsylvania.

It is my goal to the shape the wood in a manner which exposes the natural beauty of the medium. In some pieces crushed native stone or anthracite may be used to fill small voids and create an interesting contrast to the surrounding wood. Each piece is thoroughly sanded through a series of six to eight progressively finer grits.  Several applications of Danish oil and a light coat of Carnauba wax are buffed to produce the final finish.

All of my turnings are sold with the understanding that they may be returned for a full refund if the purchaser is not completely satisfied.

  I hope you will enjoy your visit to Rustic Turnings. Please  stop back again soon.