The Bandsaw Blues

There are those who will tell new turners that a bandsaw is an absolute necessity for a turning


While it may have its uses I have never used one to prepare my blanks for turning.


1: cutting green wood (everything I turn starts out green) on a bandsaw can be tricky, even dangerous.

2: when a blank has been rounded on a bandsaw it is very difficult to change

the orientation on the lathe. An especially important factor when turning natural edge vessels.

3: a chain saw can do a very satisfactory job roughing a round blank.

4: with practice, a good 1/2" sidegrind  gouge can round off a small rough blank ( frequently for blanks 12" diameter or less I prefer to just use the gouge) as quickly and probably more safely than a bandsaw.


pic.....40lb. box elder blank rounded with a chain saw.


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