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The Keith Clark (www.theokspindoctor.com)

Hollowing rig.......

I chose this system after careful study of most of the available deep hollowing rigs.

I find the rig VERY easy to setup and breakdown. The laser works great, the entire system is very sturdy and well machined. All components operate very smoothly.

The compactness of this system suits my small turning space well.  It is the only system I have found which allows one to insert a 3/4" tool 10" inches into the hollowing bar.  This means when reaching 15" inside of an open mouth vase it is the  1 1/4" tool holder which takes all of the stress and not the 3/4" tool shaft.  There is none of the chatter which comes from over extending a smaller diameter tool. 

 I also find the single bar as a tool holder is much less cumbersome than the typical  "  d " handle used in most hollowing systems such as the Jamieson system or the three bar handle of the Kelton System.

For much of the initial hollowing of a piece I prefer to have control of the cutting angle of the tool.  By loosening one allen screw and removing the guide bearing I can rotate the bar at will to change the angle of approach as I am turning. I do not believe this is presently possible with any other system.

Having used the Clark rig for approximately two years I have absolutely no regrets and and believe it to be one of the finest hollowing systems available.


The above were some of my first turnings using the Clark system.  They are 14" to 18" tall

Kelton 3/4" hollowers were used for roughing and a Sorby Hooker tool with tantung scraper for finishing the inside.


   I have purchased an extra set of legs 6" in length for the laser unit as most of my work with the hollowing rig will be in the nature of tall narrow pieces.  The shorter legs seems to provide more stability when reaching 15"

To get a more accurate read on the vertical laser dot I have mounted a cheap laser level on the wall which projects a horizontal beam onto the turning.



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updated   October 17, 2006