The Bowls

Made from a wide variety of species with sizes ranging from 7"  to 18" diameter.

The bowls have many functions beyond their natural beauty......  candy, potpourri , bread, nuts , salad, etc......

The Vases

Made to serve primarily as stand alone accent pieces they may be utilized to hold dried arrangements

 Fresh flowers may be placed in the vases if a glass or plastic insert is used and care is taken to avoid wetting the turning.

The Hollowforms

By my arbitrary definition a vessel which has an opening less than one third its diameter.

Displayed exclusively for their inherent beauty. The function of hollowforms is to provide pleasure to the sight and touch.


Unique vessels created from the  center of the tree at a point where one trunk or large branch diverges into two. The grain patterns in this part of the tree are  usually unique and quite  beautiful .

All are somewhat similar in their "cocoon" shape yet each is truly one of a kind.


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