Point of No Return

While rough turning then drying for six months to a year before re-turning is a commonly accepted method of producing bowls,  for those of us with little patience there are other possibilities.


All of the turnings in my galleries have been turned to finish dimension while green.

They are placed in a brown paper bag for approximately two weeks then sanded and finished with several coats of Danish oil before using the Beale buffing system.

While there is usually some minor warping ( the largest ambrosia salad bowls are approx. 1/ 2" out of round and maybe 1/4" less than flat across the rim) , it does not appear to distract from the beauty of the turning in the eyes of my customers.  The natural edge pieces in many cases may actually be enhanced by the slight movement during drying.

This black walnut piece would have much less character had the rim not moved as it did.


I should mention that the bagged pieces are stored on the shelves of my below grade shop. It is heated only while i am working there during the colder months.

I do not boil, coat with anchorseal, microwave nor soak any pieces in alcohol. 

In most cases these turning go from "green" to "ready for sale" within  three months.

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Last revised October 25,  2006


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